A special request for prayer

Our outdoor sensor lights think that it is nighttime here due to the smoke from fires….
Ash and burnt leaves in our bird bath…

Please pray for the south coast and other areas effected by fire.

We are safe at present and witnessing very heavy smoke.

Our town is an evacuation town where many are arriving for safety.

We have had friends from church defend and save their houses overnight and others evacuate to beachside safety.

We have a good God who saves and we are praying for people to turn to Him in their terror and for an act of saving weather that will direct the masses to Him.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters serving in evacuation centres and volunteer services.

And please pray for my brother who has been called back to work to manage road blocks and grading near Moruya.

With love and thanks

Kirsty x

Kirsty Written by: