Christmas Pairs

It is very sobering to compare the grass in these 2 photos. One was taken when we arrived in January and the other yesterday. We are humbled to pray for rain, turning to our Creator who made these rolling hills.

A pair of country views – …

Our living room view in greener times…
Our living room view on a smokey day this week… (the smoke has blown in from the fires a few hours north)

A pair of mothers…..

Kirsty’s mum last week at our house for her December birthday…..
Ariel’s mum last week at her Sydney nursing home- I took the kids for a quick visit to see her for Christmas….

And at this time of year we think of the pairing of God and man –

and are astounded that the Creator of the universe came into this world as a helpless human baby to save us. It gives us hope in times of dry and helps us think of our real home in heaven.

Hark the herald angels sing,

Glory to the newborn king.

Peace on earth and mercy mild,

God and sinners reconciled!”

From “Hark the herald angels sing”

“You see, the Christmas story is the world’s best love story. It’s about a God of love sending the son of His love to live a life of love and die a death of love, so that all who believe him would be welcomed into the arms of his love forever and forever”

Paul David Tripp “Come let us adore him – advent devotional”

Merry Christmas dear ones….

For those who pray

For the Bega Valley and all drought areas to have the mercy of steady, nourishing rain

For our family to keep trusting God for the bigger and smaller details of life

For Sophie (Ariels mum) that the timing of her move from the Sydney nursing home to the Bega nursing home will be right and helpful for transition (she is on the waiting list).

For Ariel as he transitions into a different medication over a few weeks (making him a little drowsy)

Kirsty xx

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