Licence to Thrill

The previous owners of our house kept this boat in the carport. Unbelievably, this is the name of the boat that our relatives saw when they came to inspect the property on our behalf.
We now have a new occupant of the carport since the arrival of Ariel’s adapted car last month! After lessons with an amazing instructor and then a formal driving test, we’re thrilled to say Ariel passed and now has a car licence again!
All of this came at a sobering time of year as we passed another September 7th and realised that its been 7 years since our earthly lives drastically changed…..
….but we continue to choose to celebrate “life” – this year with brisket and blue cheese!
…and we look to the God of all things and small things who has sent some desperately needed rain to the Valley and out little acreage.

Psalm 143:5-6

I recall everything you have doneI

I remember what happened long ago.

I recall everything you have done.

I think about all you have made.

I lift my hands in prayer to you.

As a dry land needs rain, I thirst for you…

For those who pray:

For endurance and patience for Ariel as he continues to manage his complicated health

For the children to have peaceful hearts that keep turning to Jesus

For God’s wisdom for all of us as we choose where to put our time and energy

Thank God for enjoyable time spent with new and old friends and family both near and far…


Kirsty Written by: