Precious precipitation

There is rain in our rain gauge – a sign of changed weather in our Valley. There are still fires in the region but conditions have improved. We had a lot of practice evacuating early because of Ariel’s disability and are grateful to mum & dad having us all at their house 4 times.
Our community has sustained great losses – in nature, farms, homes, business and lives. Many are hurting and we all feel the sting of a stolen Summer.
There has been more time spent inside this summer because of fires and smoke – so our son has done more lego…
Our daughters saw a movie….
And we all spent time in the Psalms. The book of the bible that so often says, “How long?” or “Why?” often followed by “but I will trust in you”

But I will trust in your unfailing love

my heart rejoices in your salvation

I will sing the LORD’s praise,

for he has been good to me

Psalm 13:5-6

For those who pray,,,

Please thank God for safety

Please pray for the community to heal, to seek God and for believers to respond in godliness to those around them

Please pray for Ariel’s health to have a season of stability

Please pray for our whole family to sleep and rest well

With thanks – Kirsty

Kirsty Written by: