Yesterday, it was 4 years since Ariel’s accident.

…..and almost 4 weeks since Peter’s death which was so noticable on Fathers’ Day 4 days ago.

…..and because Ariel is a quadriplegic, 4 is a loaded number in our house.

It feels like we have swallowed a cocktail of loss this week – yet we could still consider what a gift “Life” is.

So in our tradition since 2012, we had dinner with the kids and thanked God for “Life” as a family.

…..then after dinner, Luka used the scrabble letters to write all of our names and we saw the “4” lives that God has entrusted to us and felt grateful in this messy world.

By God’s grace, the slow days of grief have usually been peaceful.


For prayer:

Thank God for the gift of life.

Thank God for the quick healing of Ariel’s forehead.

Thank God for the Psalms and pray for Ariel as he continues to prepare & preach through them.

Please pray for wisdom in the intensity of organising care for Ariel’s mum and dealing with her welfare and home.


“In him was LIFE

and that LIFE was the light of all people.

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it”

John 1:4-5


True & comforting words about Jesus,

Kirsty x



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