Ah, the serenity



Ariel has been organising his mother’s care so we took her back to visit the family home last week.

I was struck by these 2 plaques in the hallway.

They’ve been there for decades and are dusty and faded, they commemorate vintage Argentina and the serenity prayer.

What great words they are.

Accepting the things we can’t change and changing the things we can… and knowing the difference between the two is good advice. It sounds like “positive life coaching”.

But it’s a prayer.

The only one that can help me do it is God.


Good words to ponder when I took the kids on another little “family” week away without their Dad.

The kids had not seen Melbourne since we left nearly 5 years ago.

It was a lovely little break with important stops like our old houses and their brother’s grave.

It’s hard for Ariel to miss out on these important family times but at the moment its something we can’t change and need God’s help to accept.



At Ben’s grave..


In Melbourne city lane ways…


Lygon St..


Melbourne museum…


Bairnsdale superslide on trip home…

For Prayer:

Thank God for the increased hours of nursing care and overnight care provided for Ariel while we were away.

Thank God for Kirsty’s Mum who travelled with a us for a week to help out.

Thank God for the friends who drove and assisted Ariel when he preached the Sunday we were away.

Thank God for those who financially helped us to have a week away.

Thank God for safe travels.

So much to be thankful for!

Please pray for our home nursing care team – many are lovely student nurses, so there can be a high turnover. Stability of staff (and less training up) would be a great gift.


“God grant me the serenity (grace) to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference”

“The Serenity Prayer” Attributed to Rienhold Niebuhr, American theologian (1892-1971)



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