Iron Man

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Today it is 3 years since Ariel woke up able-bodied then went to bed that night with a new body in ICU.

I am constantly amazed by his iron will.

So much of the time he graciously accepts the inefficiency of his body and is determined to honour God, shepherd His flock, be a Dad and do rehab. I would be curled up in foetal position under the same circumstances.

So on Father’s Day yesterday – Ariel’s main gift was a scotch fillet steak (a hit of iron) and an afternoon of free time to recover from a morning of ministry.

We saw images of Syrian refugees this week and recognise again that our challenges are within a privileged environment of safety and services.


For Prayer:

Thank God that improvements in Ariel’s left hand make hand-holding as a couple easier :).

Thank God for all of you supporters who have not forgotten us and join us with care and prayers.

Thank God for an encouraging morning at the SMBC preaching conference last week.

Thank God for safety and pray for refugees.

In the name of the greatest Father, who does not change like shifting shadows James 1:17


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