Happy New EAR

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Ariel had a nasty ear infection and burst eardrum this week – poor guy! (all a bit happier after some antibiotics).

Praise God that he could still preach at our partner church, CP10 this morning!

We are appreciating that we have nice parks near us and could fly kites this week.

We had another lovely “first” on New Years Day.

Thanks to a Hoyts voucher from old friends, we went to the movie cinema as a family!

“Big Hero 6” was fun, had an east/west theme and dealt sensitively with the issue of loss so it resonated with us & was a nice way to start the year.

We’ve started the year with “passion” too – our vines are giving us 6 fruit a day – so please steal from the fence if you are in the neighbourhood!

For Prayer:

Ariel has that appointment with the Specialist this week re: spasticity and a possible new drug – pray for wise and helpful decisions.

Thank God for medical help with the ear infection (it will take some time to fully heal).

Thank God for kites and parks and movies and old friends.

Pray we’ll graciously accept the “new normal” with how we “do” holidays and that the kids will enjoy their swimming lessons this week.

“What no eye has seen,

what no ear has heard,

and what no human mind has conceived-

these things God has prepared for those who love  him

for God has revealed them to us by His Holy Spirit”

1 Corinthians 2:9




PS. The new Christmas photo mugs looked great & have been gifted, but I’ve wrapped up the others to be our annual special Christmas mugs 🙂


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