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photo 2

Here are some Christmassy pictures from around our house.

The first 2 were chosen for their cutesiness or sparkle – but take a closer look at the third!

These are the photo mugs I ordered online for Ariel’s parents! The family headless!

Thanks to a sympathetic Big W manager – new ones are on their way.

Much of life is the 3rd picture – a bit messy and pretty wobbly!

We SO need to be saved.

Yay for Jesus who does that.

For Prayer:

Thank God that Ariel has preached 2 sermons in a row again.

For endurance – there is a physical toll that comes with the preparation required.

For wisdom for the medical team as they review Ariel’s spasticity in early January- possibly a new drug choice.

For the children who continue to grieve the change of our holiday options – they would love to be in Bega with the cousins in the Summer, but it is still not a possibility.

Thank God that day trips to family functions in Mittagong and Canberra are still possible.

Pray for the many in the world who face Christmas in desperation.


“Born to save the sons of earth,

 Born to give us second birth,

Hark, the herald angels sing,

 Glory to the newborn king”

Hark the Herald Angels Sing- Christmas Carol




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