A 1:22 lap + prayer point

Dear all,

Their is now some question mark over the earlier commitment by the Housing Dept to pay the Kurilowicz’s rent. Please pray this could be resolved positively. It has taken a huge amount of Kirsty’s time. Pray she’d have the energy she needs for negotiations and paperwork. Pray for the kids to sleep well so Kirsty could get the rest she needs too.

Positively, Ariel’s 6min laps shuffling around the gym have reduced to a new record of 1min 22 sec! The videos below tell the story. Ariel wants you to know that he still has a long way to go and continues to need help with the most basic of daily tasks. We continue to pray.

Happy Birthday to Kirsty Wednesday!

Happy 40th Birthday to Ariel Thursday!

Grace and peace, Mark


Hand exercises

Shaky Stand

A 1:22 lap!

walk frame 1.22 lap new shoes

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