Roaring 40


Ariel turned 40 this week!




Our "favourite" 40 year old :)
Our “favourite” 40 year old šŸ™‚


It was very sobering to look back on our original plans about how to celebrate this “significant” birthday.

It is significant that Ariel is alive!

He had dinner dates with his wife , family and at home during the week and thoughtful gifts.

Thank you to you all!

One of the best gifts was getting into a swimming pool for the first time for Hydrotherapy (though his body did not like

the water temperature).


Housing NSW has reviewed our case favourably. We have been approved again for the private rental scheme to assist with our rent.

Thank you to all who prayed! Thanks be to our God of small things.


A frame "upgrade" in Physiotherapy

A frame “upgrade” in Physiotherapy

Ariel now uses this new frame Ā sometimes and the tall frame at other times.
Its great to see him walk with a frame and 1 helper from his room to the Ā dining room now.
Standing and walking are still interrupted by muscle spasms at times but there is lots to smile about.

In Ariel’s type of injury, the hands are the last part of the body to recover.

At the moment, he is still dependent on other people for life skillsĀ like using the phone, shaving, cutting up food and writing.

The nerve pain in his hands means that even holding my handĀ is painful.

Please pray.


This is a photo of Ariel using his hands to pray @ home.
We continue to enjoy our time together for lunch every Saturday.

Please pray for continued peace of mind especially after family visits.

Pray for me as I develop international level diplomacy skills with government agencies and with children reluctant to sleep.


Each strand of sorrow has its place within this tapestry of grace –

so through the trials I choose to say Your perfect will in your perfect way.

Stuart Townend & Keith Getty


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