We are thankful for some new beginnings this week.

For Ariel:

Using a frame to get from the wheelchair to the bed up in the ward.

Lifting a light cup off the table for the first time.

New friendships with the new clients that have arrived in the spinal unit.

Walking on the frame with less Physio help in the gym.

New shoes for walking – we were trying to decide  on a present for Ariel’s 40th birthday later in February,

for me this is perhaps the most exciting birthday present – ever – because he needs them for…. walking.


These shoes were made for walking!
These shoes were made for walking!
The kids on Alice's first day at school
The kids on Alice’s first day at school

For the family:

Alice has started school smoothly (in her new shoes as well).

Lara and Keira have happily started grade 1 and 2 with new teachers.

Luka is adjusting to change a little.

Pam is back from a stay in Bega.

Ariel has been home for more weekend day leave this month – bringing our 2 “worlds” together more often.

This continues to be a long and hard journey – and there is a long way to go.
Please pray for our endurance on all levels.

Psalm 57: 1b
“I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.”


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