Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Ariel’s present condition?

Quadriplegic (incomplete) with some movement and feeling returning bit by bit.


2. What is the longer term outlook?

We don’t really know yet.

Just yesterday the physio detected very small signs of movements in his legs – but he will need a lot more strength in his muscles if he is ever to walk again. Ariel asks that we specifically pray for strength in his leg muscles.


3. Can he talk?

YES! Ariel did not have any head injuries (or broken bones) in the accident and is able to have normal conversations and breathe normally.


4. Can he eat?

Ariel needs someone else to feed him at the moment but he can bite and chew most foods now, except maybe a t-bone steak!


5. Can he use a phone?

Ariel has arm movement but is still unable to hold a phone with his hand. He is now able to use an iPad with a special stylus strapped to his wrist .


6. When will he move to Ryde for rehab?

He just moved there this week. See HERE for visiting details.


7. How long will rehab take?

We don’t know, but a guide would be 6-12 months.


8. Are Kirsty and the kids able to stay in the rental house at Croydon?

Yes, and the kids are enjoying their primary school just a short walk away.


9. Are they financially OK?

For the present, Yes – praise God. The future remains in God’s hands.


10. Will there be extra costs, medical bills and equipment expenses down the track?

We don’t know, but likely.


Blessings, Kirsty

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