Visiting at the new centre

Info for visiting Ariel

Royal Rehabilitation Centre

259 Morrison Rd, Putney

Phone: 9807 1144

Ariel is on the 3rd floor (Spinal Rehab Unit), and in Room 2.

Visiting hours- After lunch until 9pm

For WSCCC people book a time through Lydia. For others just drop in some time.


The building is tall, white and on the top of the hill. It is a temporary building that will be used until the new rehab building down the hill is completed in 2013. However, the services and equipment are of top quality and there is a good view of some trees – so we are happy!

Today felt a bit like moving from the city to the country. Good things happen at both, but the pace here is a little slower and the coffee probably not quite so good 🙂 But God is good and that is the main thing!




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