Moved to Ryde! + Bulletin Prayer Points

Dear all,

Praise God, Ariel is being moved to the Rehabilitation center at Ryde as I write. This happened quite suddenly and is heartening for Ariel and Kirsty.


Please don’t visit any more at RNS!

When we find out the location and visiting hours we’ll let you know.


Bulletin Prayer Points

This has been a big week for Ariel. He has been moved to a rehabilitation centre in Ryde. He will receive specialist care there to help him progress in his movement (God willing). Please continue to pray for his recovery. Also thank God for financial help through His people. Pray for good relationships with the staff and other patients – pray he would have opportunity to share his love of Christ in this close environment. Continue to pray for God to fortify Kirsty and the family.


Grace and peace in Christ, Mark



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