Thank You, Update and Photos

Dear all,

From Ariel this afternoon:

‘Dear WSCCC and other friends,
Thank you so much for your constant support for us, care for our family, for everyone who has visited, and now for your extravagant generosity. Kirsty and I feel extremely blessed and humbled by this experience.
Love, Ariel’

An update:

Ariel was looking much brighter today. Last week was tough, but he is doing better at present. Kirsty has given some updates on positives over the weekend- see below. They have been lifted in spirits by the kindness of God expressed through His people! I saw Ariel tear up in gratitude. It is truly wonderful to see the body of Christ working to bless and care.

Ariel has got to know other patients and staff well. Please continue to pray for good opportunities and wisdom to share the love of Christ with them.

At present a rash on the face is causing him some pain and discomfort – esp. when you can’t move your arms enough to scratch yourself… Tonight he will trial a CPAP machine to help him sleep better. He is off pain medications now and getting pretty good at driving his wheelchair!

Grace and peace, Mark

From Kirsty over the weekend:

‘There were some social landmarks for our family at the hospital today:

1. Ariel had his first non hospital meal in the food court downstairs – salad, olives, meatballs and hot chilli sauce on fresh bread roll. He loved it.

2. One of the kids had her first ride sitting on Dad’s lap in the electric wheelchair. We praise God for those little family moments when smiles return.

It was a nice quiet visit and the patient lounge provides a more “normal” environment for us all to chat about school, preschool, church and chocolate flavoured milk (which Ariel continues to save up for the kids).

Physical landmarks continue to be small but included:

1. Electrical stimulation to some muscle groups

2. Stretches to the shoulders

3. Improvement in the quality of some movements.

This feels like a “marathon” and that we are starting on the “hill” section physically and mentally.

It has been great to hear the words of hymns on the drives to the hospital this week:

Never Alone is now our cry…in joy, in peace, in lonely sin.

Never alone for Christ is ours, he lives in us..we live in him.

Until we reach that final day, when fears are lost, cast far away

we’ll live secure, trust in his blood – never alone, Christ is with us is with us.

Indeed he is,  Kirsty’


First go at an iPad using a stylus, whilst Kirsty cuts his hair!:

Stretches at the gym:


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