Good news and Bulletin Prayer points

Dear all,

Some good news. Somewhere down the track Ariel will be up to leaving RNSH and moving to a specialist rehabilitation hospital. We’re not sure of the timing just yet. It was looking like he would have to go to Randwick which would be awkward for Kirsty and for Ariel’s parents to visit. After making a special request, they have been accepted into Ryde instead! We thank God.

There have been some more small physical advances this week for which we thank God. It has been a harder week for Ariel in himself though. You can only run on adrenaline for so long dealing with such major changes and stress, before you start to feel a bit down and tired. He is OK, but do pray specifically for his grieving and adjustment process. Kirsty and the kids of course continue this grieving and coping process also.

A reminder there is a special collection for Ariel at WSCCC this Sunday (in cash or cheque payable to Ariel Kurilowicz).

Grace and peace, Mark


Bulletin Prayer Points

Ariel has been enjoying Physiotherapy sessions in the gym at RNSH and small advances in his physical condition. It has been a draining week emotionally though. He is reminded that ‘our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.’ (Rom 8:18).  Please:

  • Thank God for his ongoing progress and faith.
  • Thank God for the generosity and practical help of God’s people.
  • Pray for resilience, faith, love and hope.
  • Pray for his ongoing healing.


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