Video thank you + A Picnic at Rehab

Video Thank you

Please find attached, a message sent to the 6 congregations at WSCCC on Sunday.

This message was for the church but we would like to emphasise that those same emotions are felt towards the many who are supporting us from around the country – Bega, Melbourne and everywhere! We are overwhelmed by people’s generosity from near and far!

Your  time in prayer for us, your hearts that ache with us and your financial support have been very noticed and very appreciated.

So many of our tears have been shed in response to people’s compassion for us.

The Lord’s compassions never fail (Lamentations 3:22) and neither does yours it seems!

THANK YOU so very, very much!



A Picnic at Rehab


Rehab is a little more visitor friendly and family friendly because:

* There are lovely outdoor spaces with gardens, tables and places to make noise.

* It is easier to have a meal as a family

* Ariel has his own room with a door to a verandah overlooking trees.

* The staff encourage family time (they gave a blanket to use for our picnic)!

So we had a nice time together on Saturday playing hide and seek, looking at flowers and

sharing lunch in the sun.


* Ariel is appreciating the quieter space with really experienced staff.

* Medical attention is quick and his Physio programme longer (which he likes!)

* He wears a CPAP mask at night to assist with sleep apnoea – a great help.

* He can scratch his nose! -A very helpful addition to daily function!


We can sing a song of the Lord while we are in this “foreign land” (Psalm 137)


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