The God who never slumbers

From Kirsty this evening…

At the Hospital:

Please pray for Ariel and the medical team tomorrow. A CT scan today showed 2 unresolved abscesses near his hip. Tomorrow he will have a procedure to drain them and hopefully that will be the end of any infections!

Praise God for the small improvements occurring most days of the week.

Praise God for a great team of Physios, OTs, nurses and doctors who continually help Ariel.

Thank God too for a Social Worker so kind that she has provided a plunger and supply of coffee exclusively for my use ( I told her that at least 600 Melbournians would sigh with relief!)


At Home:

Praise God for Lara and Keira’s happy return to school today, for the lovely Pam (my Mum) who offers unending support to the children and myself and for the endless number of people doing small and big things that are really helping us as a family.

The WS family are a pastoral wonder as are all of you on this planet offering care and prayer on our behalf.

Please pray for good sleep in our house and that we would walk humbly with God.

We trust in a God who never slumbers (Psalm 121) – how reassuring.



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