New photo, Bulletin prayer points

From Kirsty:

This is Ariel , Kirsty and Lara after a big session in the physio gym and on the way to occupational therapy. There is barely a dull moment in the spinal unit . We have been grateful to see more of our families this week ( some of whom live outside Sydney). Thank you too to God’s family who continue to show us what it really means to ” bear one another’s burdens”. We feel greatly helped and loved in many ways – Kirsty


Bulletin Prayer Points this week

Ariel is thankful for the week past. He has been lifted into a wheelchair each day and has even started physiotherapy sessions in the gym. An infection was located and treated. He is finding joy in the Lord in the midst of the grief with his body and circumstances. For prayer:

  • Thank God for continued progress in rehabilitation.
  • Thank God for the blessing and encouragement of His people.
  • Thanks the kids are getting used to their Dad’s condition.
  • Pray for relief from nausea when sitting up.
  • Pray for the English ministry House Party this weekend that Ariel would love to be at.



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