Update, Bulletin prayer points

Dear all,

There have been some great morale boosters in recent days. Ariel has been showered for the first time, dressed and put in a wheel chair a couple of times. His tubes and use of the neck brace has also reduced. His pain is improved. All this helps him to feel happier and more normal. He has certainly been more stable medically, and is now mainly being helped by the rehabilitation doctors. He has been enjoying more visitors. We thank God for all this, even as we pray for ongoing recovery.

Grace and peace, Mark


Bulletin Prayer Points

We are thankful that medically Ariel has been more stable. Moving into the rehabilitation phase of his treatment has been a great help to his morale. He still has very limited movement, and he knows that rehabilitation is usually a process that takes many months. A couple of times the staff have been able to move him into a sitting position in a wheelchair. His pain has reduced.Visiting is now possible – please contact Lydia Tan to arrange a time.

  • Thank God that Ariel is more stable, and is of good morale and faith.
  • Pray for healing and a return of his movement.
  • Pray for Kirsty and the family to know God’s comfort and help, and also know this through the care of God’s people.
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