A word from Kirsty

Dear all,

The children and I had a good visit with Ariel again today. They are becoming more accustomed to seeing their dad in the hospital setting and enjoy the flavoured milks that he saves up for them!

Ariel had been lifted into a chair for increasing amounts of time this week. It has been nice to see him in the patients lounge, though perhaps disappointing for him that “angelina ballerina ” was on the tv at the time!

Please continue to pray for the medical team who are hunting the mystery source of his fevers. A CT scan was done today to assist this process.

We are staying this week in North Sydney at a friend’s place. That is going well and the trampoline and chooks here have brought much joy to the kids during their school holidays. It has given me much joy to drive only about 7 minutes to get to the hospital! We will miss our WS friends this Sunday and look forward to seeing you all when we return from North Sydney. In Christ alone our hope is found,


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