An update from Kirsty

(The following post was written by Kirsty Kurilowicz)

Good things today = a helpful family conference, good lung volumes, Ariel’s smile, little improvements in sensation and being prayed for by kind friends.

Hard things today = this hospital and rehab stay will last months, the lack of movement in Ariel’s hands (which means he can’t use a phone or feed himself) and limited leg movement. Its hard to see our “action man” confined to bed!

Please continue to pray for healing in Ariel’s body, for the return of movement to his hands and improved movement in his legs.

The children, my parents and I will be staying at a friend’s house close to the hospital during the school holidays. Please pray for restful and fun moments as a family despite this slow and difficult situation. We hope in our God who made the sun rise this morning – the Maker of heaven and earth is our help (Psalm 121).

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