Silver Linings

As the first frosts enter our Valley for Winter we have started to re-enter the world.

12 weeks of remote learning at home left us all connected yet exhausted, refreshed yet tired. The 4 kids have slowly reintegrated into school and have appreciated seeing friends & teachers.

Our Church remains online but we love seeing friends each week taking turns to sing, read, pray, teach and share. We also enjoy drawing the bible talk on our whiteboard at home while it is being preached….

This week also marks 25 years since we got married…. our silver wedding anniversary which we are celebrating in this photo with a new appropriately coloured teapot.

It has been a good time to reflect after such an unusual start to 2020.

I have appreciated the extra time to read over the past months and typed up some quotes from missionary to Myanmar (Burma), Adoniram Judson 1812 (as quoted in an excellent article by Peter Adam for TGC called “Trusting God in Suffering, Sacrifice, Disease and Death; A Lost Art?)

The future is as bright as the promises of God.

For Prayer:

Thank God for Kirsty’s parents who took our children for the night so that we could enjoy a cheese platter and 2 movies for our anniversary at home (and an excellent sleep!)

Pray for Ariel’s mother, Sophie who has had some unsettled days in Sydney.

Thank God for all Ariel’s health care that continues through Telehealth and phone calls and emails.

Please pray for ongoing good sleep for all of us- particularly Ariel.


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