Living la vida lockdown

We have celebrated “Life Day” in lockdown this year. The 7th September each year gives us an opportunity to take a deep breath and look at what has happened to us in the past (an accident and quadriplegia) and an opportunity to continue walking in the new life God has given us.

We are surviving! At home we have 4 remote learning children and 2 part time working parents. We all keep learning new things about each other. How everybody learns differently, supervises differently and need time out differently. Some need noise and some need quiet. Some need stillness and some need movement. Some need group-social and some need one-one social. Sometimes we all just need to do nothing together or apart!

We are also grateful for Father’s Day. It always happens within days of the anniversary of Ariel’s accident – but it causes us to be thankful that he is still a living dad, and to be grateful for our own fathers and our Father in heaven.

So despite these crazy times, we are alive – in this world and in Christ

“Whoever has the Son has life..” 1 John 5:12

For those who pray:

For us all to love people and love God and love each other no matter where we are

For everyone to sleep well – Ariel has had some good and bad nights recently

For energy and clarity to know where to invest our energies


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