riders on the storm

The weather here has changed from droughts to flooding rains. Our Valley is grateful for dams and rivers filling and for the return of some green grass.

A small water feature outside our verandah..

We really enjoyed having visits from relatives during the July school holidays and a few local outings.

Sea lunch……

Sea pool…

The sea….

….and we did some baking – these are South American “Chipas” which always remind us of Ariel’s family, a poignant thing as we remember the passing of his Dad 4 years ago and his uncle last month.

It also reminds us of the illustration of yeast in the dough, which Ariel referred to when he preached online for the first time last Sunday. It’s so positive for us to think about the Kingdom of heaven being un- hide-able.

“The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about 60 pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough” Matthew 13:33

For Pray-ers:

Thank God that from little things His big kingdom grows

Thank God that we were safe when a huge power surge hit our house and street during the storms

Thank God for an enjoyable holiday at home and a smooth return to school for the kids

Please pray for Ariel as he continues to recover from a small hospital procedure and finds the right balance between healthy walking and overstraining his hip muscles.


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