Cool Change

We are still settling into our new valley and are grateful for the relatives and friends who came to visit over the Easter holidays. It was a moment to take a deep breath. Change is hard.

Easter celebrations
First fire of the year
Morning visitors
Ariel teaches ties for the winter uniform
Autumn leaves appear

We have officially finished the house modifications this week (a few small jobs required waiting for parts). It has been exhausting but we are grateful to God that the physical environment of the house works well for Ariel and has more space to manoeuvre a wheelchair if he has a poor health day. It works well when he is walking with his crutch as well, and for family life too. That’s a gift at a time when we struggle with so much change.

“Jesus called out with a loud voice, ‘Into your hands I commit my spirit’.

When he said this, he breathed his last” Luke 23:46

This has been a great verse to think over at Easter and with our move. I have been praying this each day – committing myself, my family and my home to the hands of our big God who provided a way to save us when Jesus said those same words.

For those who pray:

Thank God for the many tradesmen who have helped adapt our house to suit Ariel.

Thank God for visitors

Pray for us all to find our identity, rest and home in God

Kirsty x

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