Today is the childrens’ last day at their Sydney schools.

Its pretty poignant for us all. So many words have been exchanged at those gates over the past 7 years – on good days, hard days, days of sadness straight after Ariel’s accident and days of joy telling others he’d started walking again. We have found kindness in many parts of the playground.

On Sunday, we also had our farewell lunch at church (though we still have a couple more services together before Ariel finishes on December 31st). Again, so many words exchanged amongst God’s family – on good days, hard days, sad and joyful days. We have found many kindnesses in the corners of that building.

Today I visited Ariel’s mum, Sophie. She has been having some good and bad days lately – so I enjoyed seeing her on a good day. We plan to move her to Bega next year too but the timing will be dependent on aged care bed availability.

There are so many changes ahead that today I find myself thanking God for the “mundane” things in life. The everyday blessings of sturdy school gates, the same friends, the same family and getting out of bed are good things. I’m feeling grateful for the constancy of our great God.

Malachi 3:6

“I the Lord do not change”

For those who pray:
Thank God for kind people at our schools and church who have been a light in our past 7 years

Pray for healthy goodbyes in our community and healthy honesty as we process change as a family

Pray for Ariel’s health to remain stable under the extra pressure of finishing work and moving

Pray for Sophie to be at peace, despite not grasping the extent of change ahead for us all.

Pray for smooth transition with the many extra details needed in moving someone with a disability


We are moving in mid January.

With much love to you – our online community who can follow us wherever we go.



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