Happy News Year

As I check up on world news in the paper and an internet news site over Summer, I’ve found the stories often drain the joy from my day. The uncovering of sin is heartbreaking and our broken world bears the heavy scars of wrongdoing.

So this new year, we are hoping to shift the balance of the words we take in.

We are hoping to read God’s word first each day and let all the other words in our lives fall into second place.

The happy news of God being God is a truth we need each day.

And we praise God for the words that describe our Christmas and Summer:

Family..(the annual cheezels for Christmas morning tea, A tribute to my Grandad who alway put them out in my childhood)

Light…from New year balloons…

Joy…with new year glowsticks….

Shaping…Watching a potter on the south coast

Gathering….¬†chicks on the south coast


For Prayer:

Thank God for a safe holiday for Kirsty and the children in Bega and Ariel’s safety with a nurse in Sydney while we were away.

Pray for endurance and wisdom for all of us – the kids start school soon, including Lara’s commencement of high school.

Pray for Ariel that he has Stamina and Spiritual protection as the work year intensifies

Pray for our consistency in starting our days with God


“Your word is a lamp to my feet¬†and a light for my path”

Psalm 119:105

“The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom”

Prov 4:7



May your year have family, light, joy, shaping, gathering and God




Kirsty Written by: