Hot August Nights

Like most people in our community in the inner west, we’ve had a month of colds and fevers.

It has caused us to slow down, to rest and to have time off certain routines, as one by one we got sick and quarantined ourselves.

But we continue to understand rest is a good thing.

Here, Ariel “rests” in position with Luka stretching his back and a “Magic Faraway Tree” book stretching his hand.

And here, Ariel’s steak “rests” (a gift from his Campbelltown brother in law),

And here, I let the mess in the kids bedroom “rest” (by shutting the door) when it was my turn to have a cold.


For Prayer:

Please pray for successful treatment of Ariel’s troublesome left hip muscle (it causes lots of night spasms & sleep loss)

Please pray for good rest at night for our family

Please pray we’ll rest in God’s word as Ariel prepares and preaches through more Psalms at church

Thank God that rest in a peaceful suburb in Sydney is an option, unlike so many in the world.


“I lie down and sleep;

I wake again,

because the Lord sustains me”

Pslam 3:5 


A great verse from my bible study group this month reminding us of the giver of life and rest.


Kirsty x



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