See the light where the sky meets the sea

There are many times when we are awed by the privileges of the medical care in our country.

When Ariel was in Intensive Care after his accident and his family asked “who is paying for this?” we said in awe, “our country”.

When Ariel was in hospital and rehab for a year in 2012/13 and people asked, “who pays for that?” – we said in awe, “our country”.

When we stayed at the¬†world’s first “Spinal Cord Injury Resort” at Collaroy Beach 2 weeks ago and someone asked, “who pays for that?” ¬†– we said in awe,” our country”.

What a gift it was that Ariel’s first night away from home in 4 years was in a truly beautiful apartment overlooking the sea.

The beauty in God’s creation is very healing.

Access to trained carers, a recreational officer and high tech equipment allowed Ariel to experience some seaside “freedom”.


My feet with sunrise and coffee….

Ariel in the resort’s 4WD motorised wheelchair (his first time being independent on the sand)…

And on the resort’s recumbent bike (first time on a bike in 5 years)…

Ariel with the kids and a care attendant (from the resort) at the Rockpools at Collaroy…

and at Bilgola Beach kiosk…

And stargazing at the Sydney Observatory for our nephew’s birthday…

a great view on the last night of our holiday…


We thank God for this privilege and for the wonderful experience of holidaying as a family again after so many years.

We also thank Him for the Christian health care manager who came up with the idea of this resort, oversaw its plans for many years and then its opening in March this year.


For prayer:

Thanks for a seaside break with many family memories and for God’s beautiful creation.

Thanks for your prayers for sleep – it was quite a good week for settling at night.

Thanks for a nice week together at home for the second week of the school holidays.


“God is the one who made the star groups Pleiades and Orion,

He changes darkness into the morning light

And He changes the day into the dark night,

He calls for the waters of the sea to pour out on the earth.

The Lord is His name”

Amos 5:8 (ICV)


Thanks for your prayers about our holiday,







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