True Colours

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It’s been a colourful month!

We had a colouring-in event at our church where we met illustrator Lorien Atwood,

who designs bible verses specifically for colouring in. The girls loved it & its been a great habit for stressful times….

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…and a colourful Brick Fair at our school where 20 Lego master builders showed their creations and we did colourful baking for the cake stall.

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We try to be creative in school holidays with high tea at home…..

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and fish and chips at home…..

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Plus day trips wearing our winter woollies,

(Ariels body is reacting to the cold more this year so beanies and polar fleece are his friends!)

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…. and trips to visit the grandparents in respite care.

This has been the most “colourful” part of our past month with Peter being in hospital again, Sophie staying with us and an aunt needing emergency surgery. At the moment Sophie and Peter are both stable in Respite care (in separate locations until 2 weeks time when they’ll both be at Ashfield).

For Prayer:

  • For Ariel who, in his disability is caring for his parents who have disabilities, and for me who ping pongs between all 3 and the kids.
  • For Peter and Sophie to sense “the peace that surpasses all understanding” despite weeks apart.
  • For Ariel as he prepares and preaches through the Psalms- that the living Word will do its work in our hearts.
  • Thank God for meals with lovely old friends, amazing health services and the kindness of those who help us professionally.


“….And when you pray, always give thanks.

And God’s PEACE will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

The PEACE that God gives is so great that we cannot understand it”

Philippians 4:7 (ICB)


Kirsty x


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