apples and oranges…

When I hear the word “compare”, I think of the phrase:

“It’s like comparing apples and oranges” – which means that you shouldn’t compare the two fruits because they are just different.

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It is tempting with our changed life to constantly compare “before and after” the accident.

It’s also easy to compare “our life” with the appearances of “others” around us.

But we are apples and oranges.

What an unhelpful master “comparison” is.

It makes us feel inferior or superior but not content.

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Instead, Easter gave us an opportunity to again see our identity as it truly is – as short lived humans on a beautiful but broken planet.

What a wonderful thing to see our salvation in Jesus who died for us.

…..and to eat the annual chocolate babka with Ariel’s family!

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For Prayer:

  • Thank God for the medical help all of the family has received recently
  • Thank God for apples and oranges!
  • Pray for Ariel to have wisdom in where he invests his energies in the details of 3 days of work
  • Pray for the family to invest our energies in the right details too.


“If any of you think you are something when you are nothing, you deceive yourselves.

Each of you should test your own actions.

Then you can take pride in yourself without comparing yourself to somebody else,

for each of you should carry your load”

Galatians 6:3-5


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