…endures forever

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Endurance comes in many forms this month.

Ariels father turned 78 – enduring many years on this planet. He and Sophie are still managing at home.

I enjoy enduring friendships and the cups of tea, lunches and prayers that surround them.

Ariel’s endurance has been challenged by a stubbornly tight muscle that pinches his sciatic nerve.

The girls are enduring the last term of school and very much enjoying their gifted and kind teachers.

Luka is “enduring” a weekly date with his Mum and Dad – where he is catching up on all the dad time he lost when he was only 2 (after the accident 3 years ago – Ariel was away for a year).

All of the kids have an enduring love of Star Wars (thanks to Star Wars lego) and birthday cake!

For Prayer:

  • For relief of Ariel’s sciatica (leg pain) and ongoing improvements in walking balance and hand function (his hands are still very limited)
  • For a smooth finish of the year and rest over Summer
  • For patience and great endurance for all of us. Quadriplegia is a part of our lives but not a desired companion. Like all loss, there are hard days, good days and an ongoing dance with contentment.

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good,

         His love endures forever Psalm 136:1″

The enduring-forever-love that sustains us!

Kirsty x




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