Spring Break

photo 1

First successful swing push (despite fisted hand)!

photo 2

Girls on an outing with a cool cousin


Bronte Beach on Ariel’s day off


It’s Spring holidays and we are enjoying “adventures from home”.

Some lovely weather has allowed for some outdoor fun like this morning at Bronte Beach.

Ariel has preached 2 Sundays in a row for the first time!

The OT was happy with some improvements in hand strength today.


Please thank God:

For Jesus

For a fabulous church who rallied quickly when the children were unwell this week.

For the small improvements that continue in Ariel’s body.

For clean water, food and sunshine!


Please pray:

For Ariel’s endurance and neurological return.

For family health – the kids have had colds, fevers and gastro (and subsequent irritability).

For emotional and spiritual endurance in adapting to this “changed” life.


Reading “The Wounded Healer” – Nouwen and “A Grace Disguised” -Sittser,  have been a great encouragement this week.

(Thank you to the friends who lent me the books!)


“Earth is not outside heaven:

it is heaven’s workshop, heaven’s womb”

Peter Kreeft  (as quoted in “A Grace Disguised”)


Kirsty x




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