Come fly with me…

Ariel and I flew on a plane on Saturday, for the first since the accident.

We went to Melbourne for 6 hours!

It was such a joy to attend Leon and Nonie’s wedding at St Judes Carlton.

Hearing them wholeheartedly make marriage promises that we also made was a helpful “echo” in our own ears and hearts – as was seeing old friends.

We are grateful for kind and helpful airline staff who made the day easier when we needed a wheelchair and extra time to board the plane.

…Grateful too for kind friends who picked us up from the airport.

photo 1

..And we are also grateful that we got to have a date at our favourite Italian cafe “Brunetti”.

(Ariel uses takeaway cups to drink coffee because its too hard to hold a cafe cup).

photo 2-2

This is Ariel’s first successful photo take (using the phone)…

photo 4

…and first sleep on a plane.


And here is the fantastic ground team –

my Mum and Dad, Pam and Col – who took care of the children from 6.30am to 6.30pm back at our house in Croydon!

It was such a delight to revisit a city that is so very deep in our hearts.

A Herculean effort – but fabulous – as was Ariel’s sermon this morning after such a big day yesterday!

Please thank God for:

A wonderful day in Melbourne.

For the official renewal of our “Life Time Care and Support” assistance this week.

For the privilege of medical and therapy services.

For how big God is (and how little we are when viewed from a plane!)

“Is it through your wisdom that the hawk flies and spreads its wings toward the south?

Are you the one that commands the eagle to fly and build its nest so high?”

Job 39:27-28

Praise be to the God who is in bigger than us all.


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