It has been one year and 8 months since Ariel’s spinal injury and some days it still feels like a bit of a “dream”.

There are some parts of our life that appear more like they used to – for which we are very grateful.

The evening “wrestle”, meals as a family, grandparents for Sunday lunch and going to church as a family are fab.

Ariel is also enjoying thinking about sermons again.


Alice and Luka wrestling with Ariel


Ariel and Lara at morning tea on the lawn at WSCCC.


The other part of the “dream” is having our carers visit every day of the year, morning and night.

And everything taking a long time.

Please pray for Ariel’s back muscles which are over active and cause trouble with balance.

Praise God for progress in hand strength –

Ariel’s grip strength and pinch strength were scored this week and they have tripled since last year.

Praise God for our Physio and OT who continually help, train and problem solve. We are blessed.


“Blessed are those who take refuge in Him (the LORD)”

Psalm 2:12



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