Counting Sheep

Ariel has had a tough few days of pain and spasms caused by another small infection.

This means that jerking muscles (which occur every minute) keep him awake.

Please pray that the right antibiotic will work fast and and he will sleep again soon!


Keira (7) is putting on the electrodes for Ariel’s hand exercises.


We are grateful for some more milestones in progress though:

1. Ariel walked his first kilometre with crutches on Thursday on the footpaths of Croydon with the Physio!

2. He put on his own seatbelt in the car last week!

3. He put his own sugar in his coffee at the cafe last week!

Praise be to God for these lovely things.

Praise be to God that the girls finish the school year tomorrow!

Please pray for some memory-making family time in the holidays.

Please pray for the Boyley family who will move on from WSCCC to a new job next year.

Thank God for their incredible support & hours of humble service during these tough times.


Joy to the world, the Lord is come – Let earth receive her king.

Let every heart prepare him room…

And heaven and nature sing…




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