Down on the corner

photo 2


This is our first lunch date in Croydon (on the corner of the main street) for 15 months. – and it was hard work!!

It was also really nice.

I parked the van outside the cafe then Ariel walked in with the crutches – that was a first time experience.

We can’t wait to get our disabled parking sticker  –

because it will make outings like this more possible (Ariel cannot walk long distances with his crutches).

photo 1


So we look at this photo and have tears in our eyes that he is “walking into a cafe with crutches!!!”

and also tears in our eyes that it was very slow and hard and a little dangerous (and took the afternoon to recover).

He still needs a lot of help with hand tasks, which are a big part of life.

For pray-ers:

Thank God for Ariel’s determination.

Thank God for a safe home, kind carers and food on the table.

Pray for endurance – For Ariel physically but also the whole family spiritually.


We are helped by a playlist of good Christmas songs at present!

“Hark now hear the angels sing a new king born today.

And man shall live for evermore because of Christmas Day”

Always good to hear that good news…..




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