Ariel and his Mum and Dad migrated to Australia from Argentina in 1973.

Ariel returning home is a strange kind of migration too.

In this new “country” we have to learn…

* A new language (medically)

* A new part time occupation  (rehab training)

* Relating to new locals (carers and staff in our home).

* Parenting in new circumstances.

* Getting used to our home being a very busy and visited place!


Please pray……

That we will be true followers of Jesus in the way we do all these things.

For integration into this new life  and continued healing and adjustment.

and bucketloads of patience for all of us!

Please thank God for….

the kind health care we receive,

for our church WSCCC who never give up on caring and are the best cooks in the country.


We have been very aware of the hardship of others this week with the bushfires in the Blue Mountains.

This is what I saw on Thursday evening when I went to the chemist for Ariel’s medications.

Bushfire sky Croydon

We pray for those suffering from loss this week.

“The human spirit is the lamp of the LORD that sheds light on one’s inmost being”

Proverbs 20:27



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