Praise God!

From Kirsty:

Praise God:

  • That Ariel has taken his first wobbly steps on a frame! Again, these are very early days & there are no certainties of what is ahead with independent walking. It was a tall frame with wheels (forearm support frame) and the were 2 physiotherapists helping- but it was fabulous to see! Click on this link for video evidence!:

First wobbly walk on frame

  • That his hands continue to have little changes in movement.
  • That the housing department has been compassionate towards our situation and agreed to pay money for our rent.
  • That Ariel has had some more day leave home in Croydon & that we have had some more family time.

Australia Day at home

For praying to God:

  • That the CPAP situation will be solved and sleep improved. For continued strength gains in the hips and legs and everywhere!
  • For out stamina. It has been 4 1/2 months and over 2500 km driven to hospitals since the accident.
  • For the Lara and Keira who returned to school this week and for Alice who starts school next week.
  • For Luka who is quite unsettled at the moment & will face another change with Alice at school.
  • For Pam and Col in Bega – that they may have good health and that Pam’s trip back to Croydon would be safe


Our Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.


Gym Cheer squad

Bulletin Prayer Points:

We continue to praise God for Ariel. His movement is progressing, even taking some assisted steps with a walking frame. There are still no certainties about whether he could walk independently in the future so please continue to pray about this. Full info at  Also thank God the Dept of Housing is helping with the family’s rent on their current house. Pray for the whole family as they adjust to new routines with Alice starting school tomorrow.


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