Treasure and a Bug


We had a treasure hunt in the garden at Royal Rehab on Saturday and it has been another lovely week of visitors.

Ariel continues to practise standing up with the Physiotherapists. He can stand for 3 minutes and with less standby help.
Col, my Dad has arrived and will stay for Christmas.


Ariel has had a positive test for MRSA – a common infection in hospitalised patients. He will be on heavy duty antibiotics through an IV for many hours over 5 days. Please pray for success with this treatment and for Ariel to have peace of mind about it. Please also pray for the sores on his nose and heels to heal and for reasonable sleep.
Sleep in Croydon needs prayer too because of some noisy neighbours on our street. Please also pray for Pam who has sciatica (nerve pain in back) and a birthday on Monday!

For unto us a child is born to us a Son is given……wonderful….


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