Breakfast Point + Bulletin Prayer Points

From Kirsty

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“Breakfast Point is a lovely waterside suburb near Cabarita, Sydney where Spinal Injuries Australia owns and runs a family unit equipped for spinal patients and their families. We were honoured to be able to stay at the unit over the weekend and spend time together as a family.

What we enjoyed:

* Shopping together in a supermarket and buying some treats for Ariel and the kids!

* Playing the game “Guess Who” and watching the kids do craft (thanks to Bega and Melbourne buddies who sent the game and the craft!)

* Watching a DVD as a family

* The generosity of Spinal Injuries Australia – which meant a carer helped Ariel 2 times a day.

Hard things:

* Time together makes you realise what you miss

* Continuing to adjust to the amount of help Ariel needs & the difficulties he endures

* Tiredness – 4 kids, 2 adults and packing for a holiday is always a challenge anyway!


It has been 3 months since Ariel’s spinal injury and there will be 3 more months of hospital to go. We will have a much clearer picture of what his long term function will be at that 6 month mark (in March). His progress is pleasing – especially those wobbly stands in the gym this week!

Praise God,

Kirsty ”


Bulletin Prayer Points

Thank God that the Kurilowicz family had the weekend together at a special apartment at Breakfast Point set up for spinal injury patients. Thank God for this first time together alone in 3 months. The kids loved it. Please pray for them all, as they come to terms with such a change in their family life. It is expected that Ariel will remain at the Rehab hospital for another 3 months or so. Pray for continued healing and growth over this time – physical, emotional and spiritual.


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