Squats, a birthday and berrymisu

From Kirsty…

Squats have become a big part of Ariel’s week. As you can see in the photo – he is strapped into a tilt table and then uses his own leg power to straighten up. There is still a long way to go and it is exhausting work! But those who know him well will know that he is very determined in the gym and he will push hard even when nerve signals are limited.


Our second daughter Keira turned 6 this week and we visited after school to see Ariel, who gave herĀ a special ride in the electric wheelchair.

All 4 grandparents and 3 cousins were waiting at home in Croydon to celebrate further.

I attended our church “foodie” function on Friday night where Masterchef winner Kate Bracks demonstrated how to make her “berrymisu” and shared her faith in Christ. Always good to hear afresh how Jesus is the way, truth and life -that our “cravings” for identity and meaning are only found in him. (Photo added by Mark without Kirsty’s knowledge!)


Please pray for our contentment in the “now” despite the challenges we have.

Pray for good sleep and effective CPAP at night for Ariel, and for the whole family to really sense the “peace that passes all understanding” in Phillipians 4.

Healing is for bodies, hearts and minds…


ps. My phone has been out of action for a long time. Sorry to those who may have sent messages that I have not received or replied to. I am currently using Ariel’s phone.


From Mark today

Ariel was in good spirits this afternoon. As Kirsty mentions above he is very determined to do what he physically can to recover! He was excited that he had a go at standing by himself today and got half way there. He has his eyes fixed on the next hurdle/goal. He does need more nerves to come back to progress further, so we continue to pray for that.

He has read right through 1&2 Kings. He gets the Bible propped in front of him and is able to flick the page over himself. He was really taken by the model of King David – that all the subsequent kings are assessed in comparison with him. Even in sin David models wholehearted repentance to us. The overall view of David’s life is positive. So many of the kings who followed fall well short. Ariel has been challenged to be as faithful himself in his circumstances (in the power of David’s Son of course).

A number of people have been concerned for my workload and well being. I’m very thankful to God that He has been sustaining and encouraging me in profound ways. His goodness is ever present. I appreciate your many prayers and encouragements! Please do pray for Strathfield 9am, the congregation Ariel was (and in a sense still is!) pastoring. They waited a long time for a pastor and this is hard for them. It has been so very encouraging to see them embrace this challenge as an opportunity for ministry. They have been growing in the Lord. I’ve been thrilled to see them pull together with grace and love to help. There are many leaders who are carrying an increased load with cheerfulness. Please pray for them. Praise God for His perfect (if hard) plans to perfect us!

Grace and peace, Mark

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