Lifetime Care and Support + Bulletin Prayer Points

Dear all,

We praise God that Ariel has been officially accepted into the ‘Lifetime Care and Support Scheme’. This means that his equipment and care will be paid for into the future. This is a fairly new scheme paid for by the ‘green slips’ (registration costs) of the vehicles we drive. This is a great relief for the family!

Grace and peace, Mark

Bulletin Prayer Points

Ariel is now able to feed himself some meals with the help of a special spoon strapped to his wrist. He now has some small movement in his legs. He is thankful for small advances like this even if there remains a long way to go. Any progress is an act of God’s grace, as are the many opportunities Ariel has to be a blessing and encouragement to those he meets. Please pray for Ariel’s morale, healing and ministry to others. Thank God that blessing is not necessarily an absence of suffering in life, but God’s grace and presence in whatever circumstances we face (eg. Hab 3:17-18; Eph 1:3). May God be glorified!

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