Progress, Bulletin Prayer Points

Dear all,

It was good to see how Ariel was looking yesterday. Over the past week or so he has continued to make some progress in his rehabilitation. Noticeably, he is now back to gesturing with his arms as he talks! He has some movement in most fingers now and is just able to pick up a ping pong ball. Please pray he would continue to gain strength and movement in his hands as they are so crucial. There have been other small gains too, but he is very conscious there is a long way to go and what progress he makes is simply in the (strong!) hands of God.

Grace and peace, Mark

Bulletin Prayer Points

We thank God that Ariel’s rehabilitation continues to progress. He is very aware that any advance is an act of grace. Please pray that the Lord would continue to bring greater movement to his hands in particular. Pray also for good witness and relationship with his room mate, other patients and staff. Pray he’d continue to be a blessing to those who visit.  “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” (Ps 105:4)

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