Chilling with Dad

Chilling with Dad.

‘It was cooler on Saturday so we had an “indoor picnic” complete with french pate from a French deli in Melbourne, and more sweets from Brunettis in Carlton. (It has been a week of seeing old Melbourne friends and old Melbourne treats!)

The children enjoyed the lunch (and treats) and having their 3 cousins to play with as well. It was a lovely and lively time.

The children’s prayers for their father are a privilege to hear, as is watching their understanding of our heavenly Father grow.

Please pray for us as we deal with explaining life and the uncertainty of some things in our future.

God’s care and compassions (which are new every morning, Lamentations 3) are certain – pray that will be the main “vibe’ in our house, especially on the sleep deprived days!

Blessings – Kirsty’



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