Update, Bulletin prayer points

Dear all,

Thanks for your faithfulness in prayer and loving concern for the Ariel and his family. Happily, Ariel is more ‘stable’ than previously. He is having less ‘speed bumps’ (see here about speed bumps), he is sleeping well and is settling more into the routine of treatment and hospital life. He is finally eating well now… he appears to be especially happy about this!

One small speed bump you could pray for. He has a bit of a fever today and will go onto antibiotics. Pray if he has an infection somewhere that it would resolve quickly.

Please pray that Ariel and the family would all learn to rest deeply in the Lord and know His nearness.

Grace and peace, Mark


For the church bulletin this week:

It has been a hard but good week for Ariel. After a scare with blood clots in his lungs, he has been feeling better. He is finally able to sleep and eat well and has gained energy. He still has intense neck pain and remains immobile. He prays that God would be glorified through his situation. Details:  wsccc.org.au/prayingforariel . Send messages, audio, links to video etc. to  ariel.kurilowicz@hotmail.com. At present visiting is still restricted. Please pray for:

  • Healing, faith, courage and godliness.
  • Kirsty, the kids and the family to rest deeply in the Lord and know his compassion.
  • For life in the hospital – good treatment; good witness.
  • Give thanks for progress and answers to prayer so far.





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