Update, Visiting and Messages

From Kirsty:

The children and I just had a nice visit to the hospital to see Ariel . The kids were thrilled to see him but of course, still overwhelmed by the setting they find him in. Ariel was stable overnight though his neck pain continues. This is difficult but understandable  after the accident and surgery. Please pray for good pain management. Please also pray for his breathing to be comfortable enough that he can rest his mind and for his body to sleep.

He is requesting a rest from visitors too so that he can sleep today.

We are tired but very aware that God is in the spinal unit too.

Much love to all, Kirsty.


Please note the request about no visitors. Instead you can send a message to him. A church member has set up a system for getting messages to Ariel. He will collate them and get them to him on an iPod/Pad. Here are the details:


Brother and sisters in Christ, friends and family,

During Ariel’s recovery time in hospital, he is not physically able to respond to your messages and well wishes. He knows that you are all praying for him and wishing him well.

If you wish to send him a message you can do so in a number of other ways than an email message.


 1.       Audio file           

–          You can record you message as an audio file eg prayer, bible verse reading, well wishes, singing or even a joke.

–          Format: preferred mp3.

–          Size limit: 25MB


2.       Pictures with a message

–          Photo of yourself with a sign

–          Your favourite photo with a text message over it

–          Picture card

–          Format: jpeg

–          Size limit: 25MB


Please email your audio and image files to ariel.kurilowicz@hotmail.com


Thanks so much all,


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