A word from the man himself

From Ariel this evening:

I was lying here thinking of all of you kind people praying for my full recovery. I’m so thankful to God for you all. Then I realised that to pray for full recovery is not enough. What is more important is that God is glorified through this whole situation, and if I recover that God is glorified in my recovery.

Please pray for God to be glorified and lifted high through all that happens here in the hospital.

Thanks so much to all my friends at WSCCC for all the generosity shown to me and to Kirsty and the family at home. It is so encouraging to see a church doing what God tells us to do in the Bible.

Thank you all for your prayers.


From Mark:

I was relieved to see Ariel looking a lot better today. Less tubes. Better breathing. In good spirits.

It would appear that the two blood clots in his lungs are reducing in size as his breathing is so much better and he is more comfortable. Please pray for the clots to dissolve fully. He has faced some tough ‘speed bumps’ this first week – fever, pain, bloating and the clots to name a few. Thank the Lord for sustaining Him throughout.

These are speed bumps on a road – a road towards recovery we pray. The doctors can’t predict where this road ends, but our Lord knows and we trust Him. Something we can see now is progress along the way. There have been some encouraging signs of progress this week. We are thankful for those, but again, we wait on God for Ariel’s future.

Grace and peace in Christ, Mark



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